Greetings all. My apologies if I have overlooked this in all the documents and BZ's I have searched.

We have a case where occasionally people outside of our organization are added to a calendar invite. The calendar popup alert reminder works fine in house to let us know about the upcoming meeting.

What we have been trying to configure is the ability for the calendar to also send an email to all participants as well. As some of the users are only using basic Thunderbird email without lightning, they currently do not get any popup alerts to notify of the upcoming meeting.

Hence the reason we are trying to have the system blast out an email to all parties as well.

The only thing I could find in the docs even closely related to this is:


The ZWC reminder does not pop up on the top of the page if you are not in ZWC Calendar, enabling one of the following options helps to alert you of the pop-up:


Play a sound. You are notified by a beep when an appointment reminder pops up. If you have your volume set to mute, you will not here a sound.

Flash the browser title. When an appointment reminder pops up, the browser flashes until you close the pop-up


So if anyone knows if there is a way to tell the calendar to email all participants as a meeting reminder I would appreciate it if you could just tell me which Doc I am overlooking. Thanks.