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Thread: Cannot Create Folders at Root Level

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    Default Cannot Create Folders at Root Level

    I successfully created 13 folders under Local Folders. Now I am unable to do that.

    I highlight Local Folders and right click. New Folder pops up and launches the Create New Folder dialog. I am unable to highlight anything except one of the 13 folders I have already created.

    In other words, I am able to create only a sub-folder at this point. How do I create another folder under Local Folders?

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    Default Cannot Create or Move subfolders on Zimbra Desktop anymore

    I too had created a handful of subfolders under the inbox and USER_ROOT folder. I now get a critical error if I try to create a new subfolder, or if I try to move a sub-folder to a new root folder.

    This happened in early March. I create folders in February and now I cannot edit or change them.

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    Default Cannot create root level local folders

    I also have a client running ZD 7.0.1 and they are having the same issue. They cannot create root level local folders. They are able to create local sub folders but since the only local folder that exists is Trash that probably isn't the best idea.

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