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Thread: 3 Column Vertical Layout Excellent: However Reading Pane / Message List Now Useless

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    Angry 3 Column Vertical Layout Excellent: However Reading Pane / Message List Now Useless

    The new option to preview email content in a vertically oriented preview pane is an excellent addition.

    "Users can select to view their mailbox in a with the Navigation pane on the left, the Content pane second, and the Reading pane on the right. This view option is enabled from the View link on the toolbar."

    Anyone who uses the preview pane and has a wide screen monitor now has a way to logically orient their layout, maximizing the use of space. (I have no idea why anyone would even want a horizontal preview pane, but I digress...)

    ...As I was saying, this new vertical orientation is a great addition, however, for some reason, once you choose this view, your reading pane (the second pane containing your list of messages, all of a sudden reverts to some completely useless formatting with no option to change this without going back to the horizontal layout. Why? There is no reason to automatically change this formatting.

    I have PLENTY of space! I have a widescreen lcd monitor which has lots and LOTS AND LOTS of space, as does anyone else who has purchased a new computer in the last few years. I am saying this because, I can only imagine that the reason behind this was some sort of misconceived user requirement. No! There is no such user requirement, I like the reading pane the way it was in the horizontal view, and in the view where the preview panel is turned off.

    The reason I require a vertical layout is because I want to maximize the amount of information available on one screen, I do not need to have a "mini-preview" now that I have a FULL PREVIEW in the pane to the right.

    Is there anyway to make the formatting in the reading pane the same for all views, including the vertical three pane layout?

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