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Thread: [SOLVED] Unable to access server

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    Default [SOLVED] Unable to access server

    I have been using ZD for some time with no problems. I discovered this week that I have been unable to send emails and today decided to re-download ZD. I downloaded 2.0.1. but all I receive is this message when I click the desktop icon to connect: Couldn't access Zimbra Desktop server. If issue persists after reinstall, please check logs for errors and report to Zimbra Desktop - Zimbra :: Forums.

    I can't check logs because I can't get any further than the screen telling me this!

    My email accounts are with Lycos Domains and I have submitted a support ticket in case there is some issue on their side - no response received.

    What can I do? I need to access these accounts in one place for the sake of efficiency.

    I have also downloaded Java and stopped my AV software scanning ZD as another forum article suggests. I still receive the same message.

    Please respond but bear in mind I'm not all that IT knowledgeable so keep it simple! I could really use some help.
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    Default Problem solved thanks to Windows Mail

    Decided to try Windows Mail and quelle surprise....I can send and receive emails. When the Zimbra product improves its reliability, I will definitely be back.

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    Julia , I solved this for a customer of mine by shutting down any antivirus and windows firewall, rebooted. Make sure Zimbra is added to the allowed program lists in both. Hope it helps!

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