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Thread: Some emails in Desktop 7 less than half visable

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    Default Some emails in Desktop 7 less than half visable


    I am using the most current install of Zimbra Desktop 7, I have a few emails that do not display properly. It only shows for instance the top header. Here is an example of what I am talking about, there should be much more to this email, as I can view it online in another reader (non-zimbra) and can read all of it. Here is a screenshot of the problem, any help would be great, not sure if this is a bug or a settings issue.



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    Default Same problem

    I have seen this problem on many Zimbra Desktop 7. Both in windows and in linux. It's very strange since its crops in the middle of a picture so it can not be bad htmlcode.

    It's not a big problem to me since I almost never reads newsletters but I have som clients to whom which this is a very big deal.


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