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Thread: Zimbra Deskop Zimlets.

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    Default Zimbra Deskop Zimlets.

    Hi! Can some kind soul please post correct zimlet installation instructions for Zimbra Desktop on windows xp with current version of Zimbra Desktop? Please! I'm trying to install zimlet that allows to export messages, but the instructions in other threads do not seem to work and cannot find any documentation in Wiki on ho to do this. Please, please help!

    Thanks in advance.

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    If by current you mean ZD 2.x then you could use the information on this wiki ZimletDevSetup - Zimbra :: Wiki . Note that this is different (and much easier) in ZD 7, which is currently in Beta.

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    I have Zimbra Desktop 7.0.0 and have tried all of the wiki suggestions and the ones here in the forum. Most of the answers given seem to refer to the networked version or the linux version. I am willing to bet that those of us having problems deploying Zimlets are all Windows users.

    The application, "zimletInstallerForWindows", which is linked in the Zimlet and DevSetup Wiki does not work. I tried three different computers and the HTML program keeps erroring out at the file selection sequence.

    Any help?

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