The topic of sound notification for Zimbra Desktop on Linux has been raised before with users trying to figure out away for Zimbra Desktop to play new mail sound notifications on Linux without the obvious requirement for QuickTime or Windows Media Player. Although while there was no real resolution to the problem there was some pointers towards a possible solution being implemented in the Zimbra Suite. From what I can find this was last raised in 2010 on this thread and rather than continuing on a now very old thread I wanted to raise this again as a new thread.

In that older thread there was reference to Bug 48918 which looked to resolve a similar problem but for the Zimbra Suite. This bug has since been marked fixed and code committed to build 7.0.0_RC1_2889.NETWORK of Zimbra Suite. The solution being to move away from relying on QuickTime or Windows Media Player to play notification sounds and instead use the HTML 5 capabilities now built into all modern browsers to play audio in the browser with the audio tag. Given that from what I understand Zimbra Desktop is a more basic version of the Zimbra Suite and is designed to load as its own desktop application, could the same methodology not be built into Zimbra Desktop. After all it is using the Mozilla Prism with Gecko to do its web rendering so it has the same HTML 5 capabilities as full-blown Firefox. Wouldn't this then allow us Linux users to be able to use the sound notification in the Zimbra Desktop.

Can this be a feature request that is put forth for the future development of Zimbra Desktop.