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Thread: Standard Yahoo/Gmail set up configuration

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    Default Standard Yahoo/Gmail set up configuration

    Does Zimbra Desktop version 7.0.1. automatically set up Yahoo and Gmail accounts with SSL security? It does not give any security options like it does for setting up Zimbra or Exchange or IMAP or POP accounts.

    If it does not then I would need to set them up as IMAP accounts to get SSL security which would mean that I would have to configure the address book and calendars to sync manually. Please can someone advise how that can be done.

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    It does setup Yahoo and Gmail accounts automatically and you can set the program to automatically syn the calendar and contacts in Gmail. However one word of warning - if you delete a GMail email that is in your Inbox it does not delete from the "All Mail" of GMail.

    I have been using Zimbra for about 2 years and only recently discovered (when logging into GMail from a web browser) that instead of the 100 or so emails I though I had my "All Mail" folder contained over 17000 which took me hours to sort out.

    I have uninstalled Zimbra for the time being until this basic problem is resolved.

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    Thanks... I use yahoo as my default account and have added and removed the account multiple times and have not seen change in the number of emails in various folders.

    My question really is that does Zimbra Desktop use SSL as a default when setting up a yahoo or gmail account? It does not give the option to select or deselect SSL security during the set up whereas if I set up my yahoo account as an IMAP account I get the option to select SSL security but then I cannot get my address book or calendar synced.

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