While I have been an Ubuntu user for a few years, I suppose I am just dense. Someone, please tell me I am doing something wrong. Or, think about repackaging the updates for people like me.

Yesterday my Zimbra Desktop notified me of the upgrade -- Windows version at work. All went well -- Thank you.

Home on Ubunut 10.04 LTS.
Same notification. I let it run. I received errors about lack of permissions with a note suggesting I download a copy from the Zimbra web site -- I did so.

Once untarred, I ran the Install.pl script - same permissions issue.
Ah... Need to be root.
I opened a window and ran it as SUDO Install.pl -- No good. I just get script across the screen.

After several variations - no joy.
This morning again, I thought about it. I remembered something about skipping part of the install process.

Opened a window as SU, Ran Nautilus, then found and opened the Install.pl file.
Ah ... Joy this time.

I am reasonably adept at computers. Why make this so difficult?
At least post some decent instructions someplace.

I am evaluating Zimbra as a candidate to replace Lotus Notes in my business for about 10 users. While this isn't a deal breaker it is an annoyance for someone who has to do double duty as the IT guy.

We are getting rid of Notes because of the maintenance issues and lack of "ease of use."

Thanks John