I just updated my Zimbra version on my Mac client and was offered the chance to take a survey, which I did. Of course the instant I hit finished I remembered what I was going to say on the last question and now don't know how to get that information back to Zimbra. I'll post my thoughts here and hopefully someone will read them.

The last question was what enhancements would I like to see to future versions of the Zimbra client.

Two things that I would like to see. One, I store email addresses for people that I rarely use. An instance would be a home email address for an employee. It is a valid email address and one I'd like to have on hand, but it isn't one I want to have to choose from when I'm typing my email during the day. I send "Joe Smith" an email 10 times a day and each time I have to choose between his smithjoe@mycompany.com and smithjoe@hotmail.com addresses. It would be nice to be able to select the home address and mark it as FYI only and not have it populate when entering an email address on a new email. Yes I could put it in notes or something but with Outlook I didn't have to do anything. If I never used the email, it never offered it as an alternative.

Two, something that I used to do when I used Outlook was I would set up a custom view on my deleted items folder that added a rarely used field called Date Modified to my view. I would then sort the deleted items by Date Modified, then by Date Received. What this provided me was a deleted items folder that was sorted by the last time I touched it which 99.9% of the time was when I deleted it. That way when I'm working in my inbox and I accidentally delete an email, I could simply pop over to my deleted items folder and there sat my mistakenly deleted email right at the top of the list. I use my inbox as my to-do list and may have an email in there from a month ago. If I hit delete on that email by mistake, it's a bit of work to dig out a month old email now with Zimbra whereas it's no trouble at all if you have it sorted the way I reference above.

If anyone has any tricks or knowledge that would let me accomplish what I reference above now, please share. If anyone it trying to get feedback, sorry I put it here and not in the survey.