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Thread: Horrible Experince - How do I completely remove ZD?

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    Default Horrible Experince - How do I completely remove ZD?


    I've had nothing but trouble with ZD since trying to install it. I've posted several times here and received no help - likely because the issues I'm having are specific to some other "issue" with my set up.

    Note - I completely understand this is community support with no guarantees - Im simply tired of battling the desktop. I'll go back to web interface only.

    How do I remove __every__single__trace__ of ZD from my OS X system?

    I performed enough re-installs while trying to resolve the issues to know that deleting the application and running the " -u" script is not sufficient as each re-install recognizes settings from the prior failed attempt.

    I would appreciate any help in this matter.

    Thank you,


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    rustyw007 ,

    It is unfortunate that your experience did not go so well. Your installation will be in the following locations:

    HD> Applications > Zimbra Desktop ( Main Icon )
    HD > Users > (You) > Zimbra > Zdesktop > Macos

    Since this is a Mac OS System, click and drag the top Zimbra folders and drag them to the trash.

    Btw, what issues where you having when installing or configuring your ZD 7?
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