Hi All,
I have an email box that has suddenly started ignoring the received date of emails and applying the date/time downloaded. This start on ZDesktop 2.01 on Windows XP after many weeks normal operation. If I log onto the web-client, the correct dates are displayed.

I've since uninstalled with add/remove programs & installed ZD7 and the problem persists. I've then deleted the account & added again to force a full-resync with the server. Again, same problem.

Other users connecting to the server with both v2 and v7 are unaffected. I'm going to try manually deleting all ZD related folders & re-installing, but the fact that deleting the account & re-creating did not fix (all message in the inbox have the time of first sync - sub-folders are a mixed bag some message seem to be okay, some dont) suggest an issue with ZDesktop rather than the server.

All suggestions welcome!