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Thread: unstopable repeating incoming message

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    Default unstopable repeating incoming message

    All of the sudden, I started to get hundreds of repeats of the same message that had already come in. Hundreds and hundreds. Stops for a while. Then chooses another message to repeat

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    What kind of account is this message being downloaded from? another Zimbra server? Gmail, Yahoo? Another POP3 server?

    What version of ZD are you using?

    What OS are you using?
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    The version appears to be known as nothing other than Zimbra Desktop - we acquired by download Oct 2010. System is Windows 7. We have it set up to use use Yahoo as server. The incoming messages are generated by numerous external emails

    If there is a way to get more info on version, can you direct how I can ascertain?

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    The same problem was asked here: Duplicating Emails

    and still no answer.

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