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    Default Signature and links etc.


    I have just installed the Zimbra desktop 7.0.1 for OSX.

    And i have some question, which i hope you can help me with:

    1. - Can i set a default signature, instead of selecting all the time?
    2. - Clicking html links, doesn't open them in a browser?, it only switches to the browser.
    3. - Is there a way to save the window/gui settings, so i don't have to drag the section sliders everytime i open the App?

    V7 is really a big step forward, i just have these small problems, which i hope you can help me with.



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    We are getting 2 of the same problems:

    Signature is saved in Preferences, but is not actually working until you go into Prefs again and click Save. Worked fine in previous versions of ZD. Have to go into Prefs everytime ZD opens, even from timeout...

    Window/GUI does not save any sizing settings. We have to pull out the left column bar everytime. Have to expand folders everytime. Have to do this everytime ZD opens, even from timeout.

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