Dear all

I'd like to know, if anybody else have observed a quite unusual behavior.

Zimbra Desktop Version 7 is installed on Ubuntu 10.10 - 64-Bit version.
I replaced OpenJRE with Sun JavaRE and used getlibs for loading some 32-bit libraries and finally I was eager to get Zimbra 7 running (allthough I cannot give a step by step guideline on how to do this).

However following happens:
Zimbra starts downloading folders and emails from my Exchange 2010 server (I got a larger email box: around 1.4 GB). On this I made two observations:
- Folder names should not contain a "\" (at least such folder names are creating error messages within the zdesktop.log file
- Entire Path length seems also to be limited (at least I had to shorten folder names in order to eliminate error messages)

But the most funny story is, that all emails are shown regardless which folder I select. Switching folders does not change anything on the displayed emails. It does not matter, if you select "Drafts", "Sent", "Inbox", etc - you always see all emails.

In addition, there is also no sync on the calendar with Esxchange.

I've also tried the latest beta of Zimbra - idendical symptoms.

In the error console I see thousands of messages like:

Warning: reference to undefined property window._mouseEventCaptureObj
Source File:
Line: 9200

Have anyone else seen those issues already?
Any feedback is more than welcome!