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Thread: Importing Mails From Thunderbird To Zd

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    Default Importing Mails From Thunderbird To Zd

    I have been using thunderbird & wish to migrate to Zimbraz Desktop. I followed the below process to import mails from Thunderbird to ZD.

    I converted thunderbird mails to .tgz files & imported to ZD. I got confirmation of import success. Even after 5 hours I do not see these mails in ZD. Have I made any mistakes? please help me.

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    I had the same problem.

    The reason was wrong path in gz file. In the archive root, there must be two folders - Inbox and Sent with all subfolders (if any).

    Importing 800MB tgz file took about 10-20 minutes. But not all emails appeared in the ZD right after the finish message.

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