I was running the desktop version 2 fine w/o any issues. When the 7x version came out, I used the check for updates feature and it installed fine.

However, when the desktop runs, it checks emails for my accounts 1 time then then never checks again. I have 2 gmail accounts and a yahoo account that I have set up. I have to restart my computer to get it to work 1 time again.

I can login to my gmail account with chrome/firefox/IE and see that I have new messages. I then click on the send/receive button and nothing happens.

I tried to re-download the 7x beta and run it in repair mode. It runs for a bit then gives me an error. I saved the installer in c:\temp. The error that is displayed after I click the "repair" button is:

"A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\Temp\update.msi"

One other symptom. Every time I right-click on the tray icon and say check for updates, it says that I can restart the desktop now or later. When I restart the new version will be installed. It never seems to install right. Even when I click "restart now."