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Thread: Deleting messages causes "Unresponsive script" error

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    Default Deleting messages causes "Unresponsive script" error

    When I put checkmarks next to messages, and then click the "Delete" button on the toolbar, I often get an "Unresponsive script" error.

    It doesn't happen every time, but it does happen often.

    At first it happened several times (but not every time) when I searched through a few thousand messages, then checked the few hundred messages that met the search criteria and tried to delete them. Sometimes it deleted a few "100, 200, etc." and then ended with an error before finishing. Sometimes it seemed to stop with the error as soon as I clicked "Delete."

    Just now it happened when I checked only one message and tried to delete it. So it doesn't look like the number of messages is necessarily the issue.

    I attached a screen shot of the error message in the hope that it will help.
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