I'm using Zimbra Desktop 7 to sync with a gmail account. In ZD when I click on a folder, the search box contains the correct text "in:"Folder Name", but the contents of the folder does not show. What does show, no matter the folder that is clicked on, is what appears to be the equivalent of the "All Mail" label in gmail. When I select a folder that has four messages in it, the text above the message list is "100 of 4 messages".

I've had success using Zimbra with other gmail accounts. What differentiates this gmail account from the others is that this contains about 400 labels.

I've tried to sync with this gmail account on a different computer running Zimbra and got the same result. I connected to the gmail account using another IMAP client, and it correctly showed the proper messages in each folder.

Has anyone else seen this symptom? I'm trying to decide whether to file a bug report or if there is a setting somewhere that I am missing.

Thanks for your help.