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Thread: How to move the Data-Path?

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    Question How to move the Data-Path?

    Hi zdusers,

    I use Zimbra Desktop 7.0.1. b10791 for Windows XP. How can I change the data-path zimbra desktop is using? Per default it is configuered to use

    C:\documents and settings\<username>\...\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop
    Now, I want to change the location to an other drive:

    D:\ZimbraData\Zimbra Desktop
    I found a little hint (at this moment I dont know where):

    1) quit ZD; copy the data from the existing location 
    (c:\documents and settings\...\Zimbra Desktop) to the new location
    2) update this registry key with your new path to data:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop\DataRoot
    I ve done it, but Zimbra Desktop wont start. It tries to initialize and in the old path an empty folder "Zimbra Desktop" is created. But than all stops.

    I found many files including hardcoded the old path:
    - in Zimbra Desktop\data\conf\zdesktop.conf
    - in Zimbra Desktop\data\conf\localconfig.xml
    - in Zimbra Desktop\zdesktop.webapp\override.ini
    I found an other place in registry containing the old path:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop\Prism\OverridePath
    So this way seams a bit tricky. Has any one a solution how to move the data-path?

    kind regards

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    yeah would be really interesting. we want to deploy zimbra desktop but we have roaming profiles. zimbra desktop is useless with roaming profiles..

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