Hello, all. I've installed zdesktop_7_0_1_b10791_linux_i686 on Debian Squeeze. I exported my contacts from Evolution as a CSV file and have tried to import it by going to preferences, choosing import, leaving the format as auto, pointing to the CSV file, and importing into Contacts. Lots of disk activity but no contacts.

I then tried creating a new address book in the import dialog but still had the same problem. I deleted that address book and created one in the Address Book tab. It created it under Contacts in Local Folders which was not where I wanted it (I wanted it at the top level) but I left it there anyway. I tried the import again and, strangely, the Imports address book did not show up under Contacts but as a peer to it (??!!). Still no success.

How does one successfully import Evolution contacts to a Zimbra Desktop Address Book? Thanks - John