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Thread: Zimbra Desktop Imported Local Folders Not Opening

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    Unhappy Zimbra Desktop Imported Local Folders Not Opening

    I exported my mail from ZCS off the web into several tgz files and downloaded them to my new MacBook Pro. I installed Zimbra Desktop 7.01 onto the Windows 7 install under VMWare Fusion. I setup a gmail account to allow me to launch the Zimbra Desktop. I then imported the tgz files into Local Folders under a Zimbra folder. The files all imported but will not open and display the messages. No error is given. The processing icon shows for a while then stops, not changing the displayed messages from the initial gmail inbox.

    I ran a reindex from the setup screen but this only ran against the gmail folders, not the local folders.

    See attached screen shot showing access to the TG folder with one message but the message display list not reflecting the folder contents.

    Any suggestions on how to repair?
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