Hi, I was a POP Peeper user since I had many Email accounts and lately the new Yahoo Beta was not read in Pop peeper, found Zimbra Desktop and decided to give it a chance, installed it, added a few accounts and everything went well until I rebooted the Pc, once rebooted Zimbra Desktop did not aromatically started so I went to the folder and was not able to find a shortcut or similar, so I tried to start ZD with one of the .exe files and I got the following message, Could not start Zimbra server and when tried again with another .exe ZD replied with could not find config.ini, uninstalled and reinstalled again and it is still working but I am afraid on turning off the computer and ZD not starting again.
My question is : where should I start ZD or where should the shortcut be, second, is there a way to backup the ZD Data just in case something bad happens, and finally what should I do before rebooting ZD as to assure ZD will start again.


Thor Hedderich