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Thread: Script stack space quota is exhausted

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    Default Script stack space quota is exhausted

    I'm getting an error -

    "Script stack space quota is exhausted"

    Using ZD 7.0.1 on Windows against ZCS 7.1.1. This message appears a few moments after ZD starts. I have a large mailbox, about 10GB with about 90k messages.

    I had to increase the Xmx size from 150MB to 360MB to keep zdesktop.exe from crashing on startup and causing ZD to get the "cannot connect to server" error.

    I see that this may technically be a Firefox error, but I see no way to increase the script stack space memory allotment.

    I have another user with 40GB of email using ZD 2.0 with no problems.
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    this may be related

    also this

    now, I need to find out where to patch in prism?

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