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Thread: How to send meeting invitation (VCALENDAR)

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    Question How to send meeting invitation (VCALENDAR)


    I'm using Zimbra Desktop. It is connected to e-mail server (which is not product from Zimbra portfolio, probally Postfix) using IMAP protocol. When I create new entry in calendar (in local folders), I cannot send invitation to attenders - this filed is disabled in new calendar entry window How can I send invitation (preferably in VCALENDAR format) in this situation? I don't understand this limitation For example, Outlook can send invitation in the same situation. Maybe there is some zimled available for this purpose.

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    We have seen this to be a known limitation when configuring the Zimbra Desktop without configuring the account as a Zimbra account.Work around is to manually construct the invitation.

    It is recommended to find a Zimbra hosting provider.

    Research shows no Zimlet at this time.
    Hosted Zimbra Service and ActiveSync with

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