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Thread: Is it possible to only download new messages automatically?

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    Default Is it possible to only download new messages automatically?

    I have it setup with my yahoo mail account and right now any action I perform gets synced to my online account. Is it possible to make it so it will only download all emails received to the account and then does not sync back up with the server? I ask because I share an email address with my family and there are times when someone logs in and will delete messages. Some of those messages I would prefer not get deleted so I was hoping for some sort of backup method. I don't have pop access to the yahoo account so is there a way to get Zimbra to act in a similar method? I'm not interested in using the desktop app to send emails, just to automatically download them as they are received to my computer so I have them later in case they get deleted. Right now if messages are deleted on the server I come back to the desktop and depending on whether the next sync cycle has occured... All my messages are gone.

    Any ideas?

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    When you set up a POP, IMAP or Zimbra Exchange account using the Zimbra Desktop, you can configure it to perform a download when a message has arrived. Unfortunately, when this process occurs any messages that have been moved or deleted are also synchronized.

    Any solution offered would not really work since you have multiple users on the same account.

    However, you stated you do not have the ability to create a POP account to access this mailbox. This would be the best solution as pop account will pull the messages to your local mail client and leave a copy on the server for others to read.

    Hope this helps.
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