I am using Zimbra Desktop 2.0 on Mac OSX. I had an email account that is no longer active and before I deactivated that account, I synced it with Zimbra Desktop. It was my own domain email account and it was with Yahoo. I now have the domain with another host and have that account synced, but also had my old Yahoo account email in Zimbra with all my old emails. I must have mistakenly deleted the account off of Zimbra Desktop without thinking that it was going to take all the emails with it. I am hoping there is a way I can get this back. Is there a way to recover it? Maybe it is stored somewhere on the desktop like Outlook does in a PST files. I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is a way to recover this. If not, I am going to cry!! Please let me know if there is a way to get this account and all the old messages back. Thanks so much in advance.