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    Angry replies won't send

    I've reported this problem several times. It seems to clear up spontaneously then start again for no apparent reason. It happens to both gmail and yahoo accounts in desktop. I will reply to an email, hit send and it sits in the Outbox and no amount of clicking will make it go. I Quit and start again and it still will not send. I get no error notices, it just freezes up. Also new messages do not come in and I have reboot to clear it.

    On both home and work computers I get a window with a black background and grey letters. DOS I guess, that says something about a script and the second line says Microsoft but it disappears so fast I can't read it or get a screenshot. I just quit and rebooted and saw it's labeled system32/ something...
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    Default Me too!

    Hi there,
    I've just encountered this problem for the first time - it's downloading incoming messages from my server just fine.
    Sent messages just sit in my outbox - after hitting send/receive, the messages also appear for about two minutes in my sent messages folder, but don't leave my outbox. After a couple of minutes the message disappears from my sent messages folder, but stays in my outbox with the 'draft' icon beside it.
    I've checked with my ISP and email hosting providers and everything is working fine at their end - no settings have been changed. I've tried using a different port for the smtp server, but it won't validate the new port number.
    Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

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