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Thread: stopped working with New Yahoo (June 2011)

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    Default stopped working with New Yahoo (June 2011)

    I just realized that Zimbra hasn't updated my yahoo account for the past several days.

    Two things seem to have happened:
    1. Yahoo switched to a new mail system & there is no option to go back to the old one.

    2. When I logged in to the new yahoo, it told me that my email had been compromised and required me to set a new password. I did.

    3. I went into Zimbra and changed the password to the new one for Yahoo - which I know works because I use it to log in with Firefox - but when I try a "validate and save", it fails. Says the account is locked.

    Is there anything to do?

    p.s. BTW, where is the "about" option for Zimbra so I can figure out if I have the very latest version. (I downloaded & installed it in May so I figure my version is fairly current.)

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    type $set:get version in search text field and press Enter.You will get the pop up with version details.

    ZD Latest version is available on zimbra download portal.Please download and give a try.

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