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Thread: Cannot accept meeting requests

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    Default Cannot accept meeting requests

    Long time user, just upgrading ZD Client from 7.0 to 7.1.1 Beta. I do not use ZCS but just have the client synching with various webmail accounts. (Yahoo,GMX, Webmail)

    Sometimes when I receive a meeting request the client won't let me accept it. Click the accept button and nothing happens. I usually try a number of things like selecting the body of the mail first and then trying the Accept button again in a vain attempt to get it to work, but usually I have to give up and come back later.

    Does anyone else get this or know how to get round it?

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    Default Happened again...

    it happened again today. Checked the logs but nothing being logged. Got it to work this time by dropping down the button list and selecting "Edit Reply". The "Notify Organiser" option did not work. It's like the button does not know what action to do 'On-click'

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    Same thing. We use a Yahoo calendar for main repository and send invites out . Wew all use Zimbra 7.2.1 and when we click on the accept invitation nothing happens. It doesn't put it in the local zimbra calendar, just nothing happens. But if we open the calendar and make an appointment we get the error message "TypeError: e.getResponse().BatchResponse.GetCustomMetadataRes ponse is undefined". Click through it and go back to inbox open meeting request and now when we click accept meetings they are imported into the calendar and they dissappear from inbox. Very Strange.
    And if we click any meeting request we get the same "Type error" message , click through it and the meeting info opens up.

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