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Thread: Want 'Categories' or 'Groups' for address book

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    Default Want 'Categories' or 'Groups' for address book

    Hi, I really like Zimbra Desktop and have one request which I think would improve it.

    In Yahoo (and, incidentally, Outlook), contacts can have be assigned to one or more 'categories'. A category is a thus a way of grouping contacts, for example because you want email one 'set' of friends in one go, and is useful for organising if you have a large number of contacts.

    In Gmail, the equivalent is a 'Group'.

    Zimbra Desktop address book does not appear to have a field into which Categories can be synchronised, but I wish it had!

    If it is already possible for me to synchronise this information, could you tell me how.

    Thanks very much.

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    Categories in Yahoo can be synced to tags in Zimbra, as can categories in Outlook.

    Tags in Zimbra are similar, and can be used for the same purposes.

    You can also use contact 'Groups'.

    Unfortunately, the only downside I can see is that you can directly email people with a certain tag....

    Comment and vote here to get this feature implemented:

    Bug 13577 – Add "New Email" item to menu when you right-click a tag

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    Hi Storm, thank you very much for replying, I appreciate that.

    I have re-synchronised my Yahoo contacts and now it has tagged them. This must be a new feature to Zimbra that wasn't available when I first installed it and did my synchronising.

    Like you say though - without the ability to email tagged contacts, or add them to a Zimbra group - it's missing a major point of having tags. So I have commented and voted on the petition.

    It would also be nice if Zimbra could extend the tagging process to 'Groups' from Gmail, as it doesn't seem to work with them at present.

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