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    Default Pop3 with gmail


    I'm using Zimbra Desktop 7.0.1 and I want to configure a POP Gmail account.
    The problem is that I receive the error:
    Gmail access must use IMAP
    I know Zimbra works better through IMAP as it synchronizes everything, but for this particular account I want to use Pop3.

    If ZD has Pop3 capabilities, why I can't use them with Gmail?
    Is there any good reason for this restriction?

    Thanks in advance,
    Pablo Moleri

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    From all of the information that i was able to find it appears that Zimbra desktop only support Gmail via IMAP.

    From the wiki:

    "Accounts Setup
    When you first launch Zimbra Desktop, you will need to setup one or more accounts. Zimbra Desktop supports the following account types:

    Zimbra Account – You must have an existing account from an employer or a service provider that runs Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS). ZCS 5.0 servers or above are required.
    Gmail Account – You MUST first enable IMAP access from Gmail website.
    Yahoo! Mail Account – Including,,, and non-US yahoo domains.
    Exchange IMAP Account - Your Exchange server must provide IMAP access. Only mail sync is supported.
    Other POP/IMAP Accounts – You MUST have complete settings information in order to setup POP/IMAP access. Your can obtain such information from your service provider."

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    Thanks saigasmith, I didn't see your answer before.
    As you said, it appears that ZD only allows to connect to gmail through imap.
    I just don't understand why there's a limitation if Zimbra can manage other pop3 accounts just fine.

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