I am new to Zimbra Desktop. My ISP offer ZCS as an alternate webmail client. I've been running Outlook for ages and finally had enough.

My problem is that Zimbra wants to purge desktop email if I don't move them into a local folder. It also seems to ignore sent mail even in its voracious moods.

I can temporarily control disappearing email by keeping Outlook as my default email client and setting the number of days to keep mail on the server to something longer than Zimbra would give me -- 2 or 3 days, tops.

My main email is configured as a Zimbra account, which appears to mean IMAP. I THINK I could configure this account as POP, but I'll have to kill the other one first. Zimbra won't let me have two accounts for a single email address.

Is there any way to make a Zimbra account play nice? Or do I have to start over with a new POP version?