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Thread: Could not open contacts after upgraded to ZD7.1.1

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    Default Could not open contacts after upgraded to ZD7.1.1

    I upgraded ZD7.1.1 from 7.0, could not open contacts from tab and also search from mail address showed error message at below.
    "Error in template 'abook.Contacts#ZmEditContactView': template not found"
    My environment is Mac OSX 10.6 SnowLeaopard.
    Satoru Funai

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    Default are you syncing to Yahoo

    This is in the release notes:

    Yahoo! Contacts and Zimbra Desktop uses API provided by Yahoo! to access Yahoo! Contacts. After you upgrade Zimbra Desktop to 7.1, and if you have an existing Yahoo! Mail account, you will need to edit your My Accounts page in order to sync with your Yahoo! Contacts. (Bug 60883)
    Synchronization between Yahoo! Contacts and Zimbra Desktop uses API provided by Yahoo! The authorization is OAuth, and a verification code is obtained from Yahoo! Once you have the verification code, you copy the code to your My Accounts page in order to access Yahoo! Contacts.
    1.Go to the My Accounts screen.
    2.Select your Yahoo! account and click the Edit link. The Edit Account dialog displays.
    Note: If you have Zimbra Desktop launched, click the Setup link in the upper right corner of Zimbra Desktop, near the Help link, to access the My Accounts screen.
    3.Select the checkbox Synchronize all contacts and groups. The Please verify OAuth URL dialog displays.
    4.Click the Click to Verify link. The Yahoo! Sign in to Yahoo! dialog displays.
    5.Enter your Yahoo! ID and Password and click Sign in.
    6.Click Agree to authorize Zimbra Desktop access to your Yahoo! Contacts.
    7.Copy the verification code provided by Yahoo! and paste it into the Verify Code from Yahoo field.
    8.Click Validate and Save.
    Note: In Yahoo! Contact details, contacts containing only an IM address are synced but display as <No Name> in the Zimbra Desktop address book list.

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    Default Thanks, but I don't use Yahoo! account

    and not syncing with Yahoo!
    Any other suggestions or answers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satoru View Post
    and not syncing with Yahoo!
    If it's not a Yahoo! account do tell us what type of account you're synching ZD with.


    Acompli: A new adventure for Co-Founder KevinH.

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    Default Syncing with Zimbra 7.1.1_GA_3196

    and ZCS works fine, only local ZD contacts could not open.

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    Default address book sync issue

    I just upgraded to 7.1.1 and have two yahoo mail accounts that I use. I went to sync the address books with Zimbra and did the authorization process and the first account sync fine. When I went to sync the 2nd account it did not ask me to do the authorization step but synced my second yahoo address book with the first account. Does anyone know how to get the second account to sync with its own address book?

    Thank You

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    Default yeap it works

    installed 7.1.1 today..address does sync.

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