I recently installed Open Office on my new laptop. I had hoped to add Zimbra desktop as my e-mail and organizer. I particularly like the social media tracker application. However after choosing g-mail as the provider the account access information window asked for; and providing the information from my g-mail account in the blanks provided I cannot get access. I'm told to check my username and password both of which I know to be correct beyond the question of a doubt. And so I found my way here. My question is this. Is using your program going to be too difficult for me. For example. I'm not even sure how a forum like the one I'm on works.I have a basic rudimentary understanding of how to turn my machine on and off, surfing the web and using word and excel. This forum seems very technical from a cursory glance. For starters how do I get access to the program I've downloaded? If my username and password won't work, whose will? Thank you for any direction you can provide.