I use the Zimbra to pick up my e-mails from the web. Until our most recent upgrade to 7.1, this was a seamless and simple process. Now that we have switched to 7.1, I encounter two issues.

One issue is that the initial list of incoming e-mails was rendered in an illegible light colored font. Previously, the shell and font were more attractive and more legible. Now the shell is green, and the font of the incoming e-mails was not legible. I applied a partial fix for this problem, by switching the style to "smoke".

Other styles I tried did not lessen the problem, and in some cases worsened the problem. With "smoke" I have a workable solution, but would prefer my old interface appearance.

The second issue persists. When I open an e-mail, I no longer get the simple black font that I am used to seeing. I instead see a light, illegible green font.
I have to run my cursor over the e mail to read the e-mail in a proper font.
This is not a good solution. I have hunted for a settings button to allow me to
set the font of the view on incoming e mails, to no avail.

How do I reset the system to give me the simple, workable e-mail system
I had with Zimbra prior to our upgrade to 7.1?

best, Robert