Tell me if this happens to anyone else.

I open the Zimbra desktop.
I compose a message. This opens a compose window.
Before I hit send, I go to Firefox or Internet Explorer.
I find a web page with a "mailto:" email link.
I click on the link.

If I took a while before I clicked on the email link, then the automatic save has my message in the drafts area. If I click on the link before the automatic save, the message is lost.

This blows up on I.E. Firefox Chrome and Safari. I'm using Windows XP.
It blows up whether or not I open a compose in a new window or within Zimbra desktop.

Rarely it will open a dialog box which asks me if I'm sure I want to navigate away from the page and warns me that I may lose any unsaved data. But that's rare. At that point I can click Cancel and not lose my new message.

Oh, and here's the last kick, I never get a new Compose window with the clicked email address.

I checked this out on a co-workers PC and it blows up for her as well.

I don't consider this a bug. It's a complete breakdown. I'm using Zimbra as a mandate from management, so please help.