Hello, and first of all I want to apologise if the answer to my question is somewhere in this forum, I tried a bit of search but couldnt get to what I need.
On short : I had zimbra desktop(client version 2.0) running on windows wich was connecting to a server wich is no longer available. My problem is that I cant open/see the mails that I have/send/trash in my zimbra after reinstalling the windows. I saved everything, I have the .msg files under the folder store. Can you please tell me how to open them? all I could do was open them with wordpad, but its not a good option since I have few thousands. Is there a way to import those .msg files into a client, ANY email client.

PS: I have a computer where the zimbra desktop is still running, but I cant open any mail because I get a "cannot connect to server" error, for obvious reasons, since the server is no longer up and running. I cant do anything from there, any button I try to hit, I get the same error.