Hello everyone,

Here are the pieces to the puzzle:

1. Outlook 2007, Windows XP

2. Cannot send e-mails via Outlook 2007 from home, but perfectly fine with Zimbra. Receive "Relay access denied" message for outbound e-mails.

3. Used the same Outlook settings as my office computer.
a. Incoming mail server, SMTP, user name, pw are all set same.
b. Tried both checking and unchecking "SMTP requires authentication" with
the "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" set.
c. SMTP port 25

4. Company e-mail server MTA setting: "Enable Authentication", "TLS authentication only" are checked.

5.Passed Test Account settings, but still cannot send e-mails. Receiving e-mail is perfectly fine.

6. Trusted networks

Can some help out this ignorant networking newbie? Thank you so much. Also, if I were to add my IP (eg. to the trusted networks, do I need to specify the prefix (slash notation)?