My organization is running 7.0.0.GA_3077. We have just migrated from groupwise and have chose to use zimbra client. We have had two users complain of some sync issues when using the Desktop version (7.1.1 GA).

First user was sent an attachment with a JPG. She could see the email in the web client but it took approximately 3 hours for it to appear in her zimbra desktop. All the while new email seemed to be delivered fine.

Second users sees this problem more frequently. She is randomly seeing a delay on all types of email showing up in her zimbra desktop. She continues to get most emails right away. A couple of these emails being held up have had no email attachments.

Both of these users have mailboxes over 3GB but are no where near the sizes of our largest users.

Any ideas on how to tackle this problem? Both of these users need to work offline and can not rely sole on the web client.