I installed ZD: version=7.1.1;build=10917;release=GA;os=Windows XP x86 5.1;type=imap.
When I use ZD with ADSL at home the syncronization is OK.
The syncronization doesn't work when I am connected with WIFI in my company (ZD is not able to connect).
I try to insert in SQLITE Db (directory_attrs) the "zimbraHttpProxyURL" in this way:
entry_id = 1
name = zimbraHttpProxyURL
value = http://useridassword@proxy.it.wcorp.company.com:80
where "userid" is composed with: HQS\userid (where HQS is the domain name)
"proxy.it.wcorp.company.com" is the proxy host name

Can anyone help me to understand how can I solve the problem ?

Thanks in advance.