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Thread: every email content is blank!

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    Default [solved] every email body is blank!

    Linux Kbuntu 10.04 - Zimbra Desktop 7.1.1. (build 10917)

    Hi all,

    I desperately would like to use zdesktop as my mail client but I need to feel it's stable enough for that.

    As you can see on the attached files, I use a mix of zimbra and google accounts but I can not read a single email from any of those accounts. They all show up with a blank content. However, if I reply, forward or view the source of an email, then I can see its body.

    I have found nothing in the logs, I have tried opening zdesktop through firefox and chrome with no change in the display of the mail content.

    Do any of you have a clue on what I can do to get ZDesktop to work? I'd appreciate and help you can give me!


    PS: Sorry mods, I think I posted in the wrong group.
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