I'm trying to copy the contents of one mailbox into a new, currently empty mailbox using import/export. I have both accounts configured in ZD. The mailbox I want to copy declares itself to be 5.5GB in size. I have successfully exported it, producing a *.tgz file that's almost 2.6GB -- that seems reasonable, given the compression that's applied.

I then went to import into the new mailbox. On the Preferences page, I selected Import/Export for the new mailbox, browsed to the *.tgz file just created, chose destination "All Folders" and Ignore duplicates, and clicked the Import button. A tooltip-like window appeared for a couple of seconds saying "Import started". And that's the last sign of activity there has been. It's been sitting there for over an hour and I can't tell if anything is happening. When I flip back to the Mail view, there's no sign of action in the new mailbox and apparently nothing has yet been imported.

Is this amount of apparent inactivity normal? Is anything actually happening? How long is it likely to take, importing a 2.6GB *.tgz file?

Enhancement request: It would be REALLY nice if there were some kind of progress bar indicating how things are going when an import is in progress.

... Ed