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    Default Delete all problem

    I have been using Zimbra desktop for years. Since yesterday, if I open Zimbra desktop, my in mails automatically begin deleting one by one. If I open the trash folder, they begin deleting one by one from there, I lose all my in messages.
    How do I stop this from happening.


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    Do give us some idea of the version of ZD you're using, which type of server are you connecting to and what type of connection is it. If you connect to the server by whatever web interface there is, are all your emails still there? Before you go any further with ZD, I'd suggest you disconnect yourself from the internet and do an export or backup (depending on which version of ZD you're using) and just for comfort also backup your home directory.

    I'll also move this to the correct forum as it's not a question about Zimbra Collaboration Suite (which is where you've posted).


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    Default Delete all

    The version is on my Windows 7 laptop.
    I use email service (5 years or so now). I have opened a new me account on my wifes Mac and saved my emails there. I tried Zimbra desktop again on my PC, after downloading Norton antivirus which had reported a problem(Error 3039,65559). It has stopped deleting my messages.

    I am hopeful for the future.......K

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