I had Zimbra on a machine.

Got problems with that machine and finished up reinstalling winxp and applying SP2 and SP3.

After all that Zimbra is gone from the Programs list (and the desktop).

And half the C: drive is gone, too. It was a small 20G drive and now it is shown as only 10G - with a mere 100MB free. Bad news.

DOS doing a dir * /s reported about 9Gig of files and 100M free.
Sequoia view reports it as a 20G drive but shows only 9G of files - and nil free (virtually).
Windirstat reports C: as a 9.5G drive - with 100M free.

I'm thinking maybe my missing 10G have gone into Zimbra somehow.

Could that be possible? Can I get it back? Can I find it? Can I see it?

Where does Zimbra keep its files?