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Thread: Spell check and mullti language spell check

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    Default Spell check and mullti language spell check

    For now I'm pretty happy with Zimbra Desktop. I even added all my accounts to ZD.

    But what is this thing with spell check? I got the feeling untill now Zimbra being very professional, this also made us order 30 zimbra accounts.
    But I'm a bit amazed having to "hack" the install, to go and edit a user.js file in the zimbra folders even though my users need to be able to do everything with the Zimbra gui...

    This spell-check-from-body zimlet I can also not install because aspell disappeared in zimbra 7.1.1 (?)

    We live in the Netherlands and have to frequently use either Dutch or English spell check, it's really not doable to switch spell check this way several times a day per user.

    This problem seems to be in since Zimbra 1. In my firefox and libreoffice I can easily switch dictionaries. It really should be under right clicking the text you're typing you know.. Like in FF, right click and there's options to change language all together with suggested words in the current language. Spell check languages should also be included in zimbra, well i made clear what I wish...
    Please let this be part of Zimbra soon!

    EDIT: using Zimbra 7.1.1 build 10917 on Ubuntu Natty
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