ZD 7.1.2 (build 10978) on Windows XP

Server: zcs-6.0.14_GA_2928.RHEL5_64

This is a bit strange to try to explain but I'll do my best.

1. New spam message arrives and lands in my spam folder as it should.

2. I click on my spam folder and see the unread spam message in the list of spam messages.

3. I click the new spam message to view it. The message text shows up in the view pane just as it should.

4. In probably 5-15 seconds the message will disappear from the spam message list but the text of the message still remains in the view pane.

5. Upon investigation I find the spam message in question has been moved to my trash folder.

This happens for every new spam message since I've upgraded from ZD 7.1.1 to 7.1.2 some days ago. It "feels" like a timed or triggered event because I can click on several new messages in a row and then they all get moved to my trash folder at the same time.