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Thread: ZD 7.x for Mac 1.5.x Leopard

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    Default ZD 7.x for Mac 1.5.x Leopard

    Can someone please explain, why ZD 7.x does not support Mac OS-X 1.5.x anymore?

    Our situation is, that we upgraded to ZCS 7.1.x and people are still using Leopard MacBooks, though running ZD 2.0.1. Some strange things are now on, like not seeing a locations name when creating an appointment (name remains blank). So upgrading ZD to 7.x would be appreciated.

    Does someone know a workaround to get ZD 7.x running with Leopard?

    - Dan

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    As a mac user the new ZD is compatible with Snow Leopard and Lion OS.

    The following link has the official download of the ZD for Mac users.
    Zimbra - Products: Zimbra Desktop Downloads

    Good Luck
    Hosted Zimbra Service and ActiveSync with

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