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Thread: Inbox Messages Disappear

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    Default Inbox Messages Disappear

    Hi There,
    I am a new Zimbra/Homestead user. I just started a new job that uses Zimbra and my problem is that I'll receive new messages in my inbox but once I click on a message to view it, the message simply disappears. For instance, today as I started work there were 3 new messages but once I clicked on one, all 3 disappeared. I've tried to search and resolve but nothing has been resolved. The funny thing is that I am able to view all of my sent messages but the inbox is empty.

    I have Windows Vista on work laptop. I can view all my messages on the Outlook on the computer but I need to use Zimbra when out of office.

    Please advise

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    -> View
    -> By Message

    or alt VM

    rather then view by Conversation.

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