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Thread: Export to mbox from ZD 7.1.2 on Mac?

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    Question Export to mbox from ZD 7.1.2 on Mac?

    I've been using Zimbra Desktop as my Yahoo Mail desktop client, and most of my mail is stored only in local (non-syncing) ZD mail folders. I'm currently running ZD 7.1.2 on Mac OS X 7.1.2.

    I'm trying to export my local mail folders to mbox format, so I can import them into the Mac OS X Mail application. I've used ZD to export my mail, but Mac Mail does not recognize the file format and won't import the data. I've searched this forum and elsewhere and haven't found a way to do this.

    Is it possible to export to mbox from ZD on Mac, and if not, is there a different path I can use to get local ZD mail folders to Mac Mail, for example, by temporarily installing a different mail client that can import ZD mail and convert it to a format Mac Mail can use?

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    ZD uses its own format for import/export archive. Mac doesn't recognize it.

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    Default Had to use third-party utility to convert

    I didn't find a way to get my mail from ZD to Mac Mail without using a third-party utility. I evaluated two different utilities: Emailalchemy (, $30) and Transend Migrator (, $50). Both utilities provide free trial versions that provide just enough functionality to verify that they will work.

    The trial versions both seemed to do the job. I converted the mail to mbox files, which I was able to import using Mac Mail. I bought the license for Transend Migrator because it also handles conversion of Lotus Notes e-mail, and I have some Notes mail that I wanted to convert at some point. Transcend Migrator only runs on Windows -- I exported my ZD mail to a NAS drive that I can access from both my Mac and Windows machines. Emailalchemy runs on both Mac and Windows.

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